June 9-11 at The Glass Mountain Inn, Phoenicia

Last year, The Glass Mountain Inn was awarded "Best Rustic Retreat" by Hudson Valley Magazine. Ancient and enormous maple trees canopy this incredibly cool property just across from the Stony Clove Creek, which was arguably one of the first blue-ribbon fly fishing destinations in America. Rooms here are dotted with original fine art and precious Catskills ephemera. Keep scrolling to meet the rest of your hosts, entertainment, and friends for the weekend.

The Perfect Catskills Weekend

Arrive in the Catskills on a Friday afternoon and settle in for a weekend of fishing & fun. Three days, two nights, everything included:

  • Lodging (2 nights)
  • Two full days of guided fly fishing (beginners welcome - all gear included)
  • Private chef for Friday & Saturday dinners + local breakfasts & stream-side lunches
  • Live music ‘round the campfire
  • Photographer
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Catskill Mountain side
Guided Fly Fishing in the Catskills

Catskill Mountain Angler

Led by one of my cherished mentors, Mark Loete, Catskill Mountain Angler is a highly respected fly fishing service on the Esopus Creek. Mark, Lenny, and I will guide you through two full days of Catskills fly fishing. 1st timer? No worries. We'll take 1/2 of Saturday to crash course you on the basics of fly casting. Flies, waders, and gear provided.

Fly Fishing the Esopus Creek

Your NY State Licensed Fly Fishing Guides

Mark Loete

Mark Loete

Owner of Catskill Mountain Angler, Mark Loete, has has been fly fishing the Esopus Creek for over fifteen years. His deep knowledge of fly fishing, freestone streams, entomology, and local folklore make him a gracious and indispensable part of your Catskill Fly Fishing experience.

Lenny Millen

Lenny Millen

Lenny was the first fly fisherman I ever met in the Catskills via our local Trout Unlimited chapter. Lenny was a competition caster who used to teach at the world famous Joan Wulff's Wulff School of Fly Fishing. He walks amongst a small group of living Catskill fly fishing legends.

Todd Spire

Todd Spire

Lifelong fisherman and Esopus Creel owner, Todd Spire, has been fishing the Esopus for almost ten years. His photos have been seen in Eastern Fly Fishing Magazine, and his fly, The New American, is included alongside the traditional Catskill ties of the Jerry Bartlett Angling Collection.

Chef Ethan Knechel

Ethan Knechel has cooked for Reynard and The Spotted Pig. He's also the master behind Brooklyn's Secret Restaurant. Nowadays he calls The Catskills his home. I call him neighbor. Together, we stumble through the waves of raising 4-year-old sons. We are both fly fisherman who grew up minutes apart and fished the same stream. We share a profound knowledge of New Jersey's best pizza and we both went to art school. Amazingly, we've met within the year and here we are.

Ethan Knechel's Secret Restaurant

Photographer Phil Mansfield

Besides living down the street from the Glass Mountain Inn, Phil Mansfield is the official photographer for the CIA... The Culinary Institute of America, that is. He has a lifetime of experience shooting big names like The New York Times, and Philippe Petit. He's done some smaller work too, for little 'zines like Vogue Living, Food & Wine, and Edible Hudson Valley. We're super excited to have him along for this weekend.

Phil Mansfield Photography

Musician Gregory Stovetop

The first time I heard Gregory Stovetop sing it was snowing and Phoenicia was celebrating their annual Christmas tree lighting ceremony. His voice just blew me away. Beneath the greatest cowboy hat you've ever seen... there he was singing holiday standards with the heart of a lion and the soul of the ancients. We're thrilled to have him join us around our campfire for the weekend. Enjoy the clip below.

Gregory Stovetop

What Trout Eat

Streamside Presentation by Aaron Bennett

Aaron Bennett was born in the Catskills and raised on the headwaters of the Esopus Creek. He is a founding member of the Catskill Mountain Club and has worked with just about every environmentally mined protector of the Catskill Mountains. We met at a local Trout Unlimited meeting years ago and became friends after a hike up the Tanbark Trail, a cherished perch in Phoenicia that he himself helped to restore. He'll join us for lunch on Saturday, then take us down to the river to net and identify the aquatic life that trout call food.

Aaron Bennet

Special Guest - Alex Wilson

Wayside Cider

Alex is co-owner of Wayside Cider. In my opinion, Wayside is producting the most sophisticated and thoughtful cider in the Hudson Valley. Every blend comes with its own story and Alex will tell a few of his own at our Friday night trout dinner. Along with the current line-up, Alex will be serving some new, not yet to market ciders.

Alex Wilson of Wayside Cider


Food for the weekend includes as many locally sourced ingredients as possible, drinks included. Maple syrup has been handmade by our lodging owners and chef. Our plan is to include open fire cooking for parts of our dinners. Due to the limited number of participants, chef is not planning separate meat-free entrées. Allergies will, of course, be accommodated.

Alex Wilson Wayside Cider

Friday Dinner - Chef Ethan Knechel | Guest Alex Wilson, Wayside Cider

Esopus Creel guides teach catch-and-release so all trout go back to the water. Therefore, we start all of our trips with a trout dinner on Friday night. Locally sourced - totally delicious. Paired with Wayside ciders


Saturday Breakfast - Phoenicia Diner

Lines are usually out the door for this nationally recognized diner that's made just about every top 10 list you can think of. Early birds like us fly fisherman beat the rush. First time or return visit, Phoenicia Diner is a do-not-miss staple of the new Catskills.


Saturday Lunch - Goods Luncheonette

Co-owner Adam Kowalsky opened Goods with the goal of serving "the best of the world’s fast food," made to order. We think he nailed it. Your belly will agree. Lunch will be served stream-side.

Ethan Knechel

Saturday Diner - Chef Ethan Knechel | Hudson-Chatham Winery's Big Win

Local grass fed lamb roasted over an open fire with wild leeks, braised beans, carrots with foraged sumac and herbs. Paired with the #1 rated Baco Noir in North America - Hudson-Chatham Winery's star "Middlehope." Dessert: White pine panna cotta w/ wildflower honey and pine-nut brittle.


Sunday Breakfast - TBD

Details on Sunday breakfast coming soon.

Amy's Take Away

Sunday Lunch - Amy's Take Away

Amy's food is simple, local, and seasonal with an international flair. Chosen as one of the 10 Best Sustainable Green Restaurants by Green Tourism. Lunch served stream-side.

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$1500 - All-inclusive for one angler | Discount available for one 3+ group
$800 - 2 full days fishing and lunch for one angler
$800 - Dinner and lodging (2 dinners, 2 nights lodging) for one guest

Dual occupancy & other add-ons available.
Phone call required for booking. Please contact Todd @ 845 231.3275.

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